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IIoT Cloud HMI D Series

รหัสสินค้า HMI_D series

● HD screen. Built-in quad-core high-performance processor, smoother operation, faster speed, stronger stability.

● Programming software:Haiwell Cloud SCADA

● The real color and exquisite with IPS hard screen technology. Integrated design, full-view visual experience, immersive enjoyment.


● Supports local video monitoring,HMI can connect the camera that supports RTSP protocol transmission or cloud video channel through Ethernet to display the camera video smoothly on the screen. It can also carry out local or remote monitoring through Haiwell cloud APP or wechat small program.

● Support for video playing, HMI built- in quad-core high-performance processor, can play video files in the USB flash drive. Supported MP4 video format, equipped with IPS hard screen technology, so that the video picture i s more delicate and much smoother, color is more real.

● Supported voice function,access microphone and loudspeaker via USB,Supported text-to-speech,voice broadcasting,intercom function,innovative device cloud voice.

● Provide exclusive maintain identity for equipment manufacturers, as well as exclusive enterprise platforms. More convenient for equipment vendors.

● Supports remote programming, download, diagnostics, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs.

● Support access to third-party IoT platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Google, etc.

● Built-in Web API function, can control and obtain the device data through HTTP protocol.




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