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  LoRa RF Gateway
  LoRa I/O & LoRa Sensor
  Chiller / Air Compressor Monitoring
  Power Quality Meter
  IP Power Meter
  AC 3 Phase Meter
  Multi Channel KWH Meter
  AC 1 Phase Meter
  CT Split Core & High Precision
  CT Clamp on
  CT Flexible Rogowski Coil
  WeCon Touch Screen HMI
  Touch Screen Infrared
  Product Monitor System
  Jumbo 7 segment Display
  7 Segment Remote Display
  MP3 Audio/ Message Display
  Ethernet Digital I/O
  Ethernet Analog I/O
  Process/ Temp / Humidity
  DC KW/Volt/Amp/AmpHour
  Current/Voltage Calibrator
  Flow Rate and Totalizer
  Counter, Rate
  Remote 2 Wire Analog IO
  Remote 2 Wire Digital IO
  Weight Controller
  Data Logger
  Digital Timers
  FacLink Scada
  PLC Mitsubishi
  PLC Download Cable
  Protocol Converter
  Modbus TCP Scanner
  Modbus RTU Scanner
  SMS Gateway - SMS IO
  SMS Temp&Humidity
  IP Mimic & Annunciator
  IP 7 Segment Remote Display
  Pick to Light, Poka-Yoke, Andon
  Protection Relay
  Multi/ Silo Temperature Meter
  HUB485/ RS485 Converter
  Wireless Equipment
  Surge Protection
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    HMI_C series
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    IIoT Cloud HMI 7inch & 10inch
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  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial1 Setting and Create Project
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial2 Alarm Message and Haiwell Cloud App
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial3 Client Mode
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial4 Marquee and Real Time Trend
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial5 Data Logger
  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial6 Routing set : AP and 4G mode || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/Cbox with IPM

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial7 Cloud Manager and Update Firmware || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with IPM

  • VDO Tutorial7.5 Download Data Logger by Cloud Manager || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial8 Cloud Data Center (1Station1ControlRoom) || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • VDO [LEOS] Tutorial9 Cloud Data Center (2Station1ControlRoom) || Haiwell IIoT Cloud HMI C7/CBox with EIO

  • Download HaiWell Cloud Scada Software V3.23.0.9_2021-01-22
  • Download HMI Firmware Update V3.23.0.8 for C7x / C10x_2021-01-22
  • Download HMI Firmware Update V2.21.2.1 for C7x / C10x_2020-12-09
  • Download Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI Video Tutorial_2020-01-09 (532MB)
  • Download Haiwell IoT Terminal MQTT protocol application Video Tutorial_2020-01-09 (171MB)
  • Download Haiwell MQTT Configuration Guide
  • Download User's Manual of Haiwell Cloud APP
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